Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to the official SUBKLINIK blogsite. This site will serve as an information distributor of all matters concerning SUBKLINIK.

For now, the upcoming schedule is:

"Morgue" t-shirts - Dark grey shirts with the above image in black. All sizes available. $15pp in the US / $20 pp rest of world. Released by Katatonik Produkt.

"Musik For Dekomposition" cassette - Ltd to 100 copies including button and patch. Released by NoVisible Scars.

"Musik For Dekomposition" CD - Version released by Fall Of Nature Australia.

"Musik For Dekomposition" CD - Ltd to 20 copies in special packaging by Katatonik Produkt.

"Black Kommunion" CD - Reissue of the three tracks from the Abominari compilation originally released by ES1. Ltd to 50 copies in special packaging on Katatonik Produkt.

"Unearthly Graves" CD - Ltd to 50 copies on Katatonik Produkt - Reworks of the lost recording from 1997 using analog modular synthesizers and organics. Originally released on "Cremated Graves" CD.

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